What is A Bike Fit?

A “Bike Fit” is the process of gathering data about an individual rider’s body, riding style, preferences, and more, to provide that rider with information that will help them choose the best bicycle frame and components suited for them and their needs. During a bike fit the rider’s saddle position, hand position, foot position, and more are all adjusted and analyzed by a trained specialist and specialized computer program to create a detailed report of that cyclist’s body and riding habits. Using this report, the cyclist can then use the data and work with the specialist to make informed decisions about the best components for them and the best positioning for those components.

A proper Bike Fit ensures that the rider has their bicycle set up for optimal performance and efficiency. While a bike fit helps riders reach their best potential with their bicycle, a fit also helps prevent common pains in the neck, back, hands, and knees that many avid cyclists have experienced at one point or another. If you feel uncomfortable riding your bike long distances or feel you aren’t getting the best performance out of your bicycle, a professional bike fit might be just what you need.

Bike Fitting at Bell’s Bike Shop

Bell’s Bike Shop is one of the only shops in the country that is certified in bike fitting at or above the advanced level by Retul, Fit Institute Slowtwitch (F.I.S.T), and BikeFit. You can have confidence that we will provide you with the best quality service possible and all of our work is guaranteed.

Due to this wide background in education and methodologies, our approach is custom tailored to each person we work with.

Each fit starts with an interview to get the background of where you have been and where you would like to go. We will casually review things like how much you ride, other fitness related activities, stretching etc. We’ll review any body related issues that may be factors to consider like sprains, bone breaks, leg length, foot alignment, flexibility etc.

Once we have this background sorted, we’ll look at the equipment itself and assess our next steps. Whether you are a top triathlete trying to get a few more seconds out of your bike split, a commuter who battles the weather year round, a mountain biker who hammers the downhills, a road racer, or just someone who loves to clock the miles in between all of life’s other responsibilities we will execute a fit to accommodate you.

While you ride a fully adjustable fit bike, we will have a look at the pedal connection, saddle position and optimization (we will also shop for new saddles if you aren’t satisfied with the status quo), and move through to lower and upper back position and finally hand placement and optimization. All of this done with goals of comfort and speed in mind.

Once this is complete, we will take a 3D zin (scan) of the coordinates of this bike. We will then be able to generate a report reflecting this information.

This report can be used to retrofit an existing bike, or it can be used to help shop for a new one. We can recommend bikes for purchase whether they be ones we sell, used bikes, or from other brands that we don’t sell. We can even send our data to a frame builder so that you can have something truly custom made.

This process is so precise that we can spec a bike down to the angle and length of the stem, number of spacers, etc.

You will want to budget 1.5-2 hours for the fit. If we change parts on an existing bike, additional time will be necessary.

You will want to wear cycling shorts and a snug fitting jersey if you have them and you’ll want to bring whatever shoes and pedals you plan on using on this bike. If you are looking to purchase any of these items when you come for your appointment, please let us know so that we can budget the appropriate time.

The cost for the bike fit is $169.99. If we are retrofitting a bike that you already own, parts and labor are additional. We stock a wide selection of options at the best prices anywhere.

If you are looking to purchase a new bicycle, there is an additional charge of $69.99 that covers our recommendations. We will consult with you to decide what type of bikes interest you, your budget, whether new or used is a possibility etc. We will scour the industry options to provide you with what we think are the best choices for you based on your fit data. We are aiming for 100% satisfaction! Should you decide to purchase a bicycle from us, you will receive a $100 discount off the price of the bicycle.

We also offer a commuter/recreational rider bike fit. This is perfect for riders who will be wearing casual clothes and shoes (no tight fitting bike clothes, and no clipping into pedals) but still want to be super comfortable on their bikes. This fit costs $79.99. All other features of the standard fit apply including our recommendation charge. Should you decide to purchase a bicycle from us with this fit, you will receive a $30 discount off the price of the bicycle.

If you have any questions about bike fitting with us, please, don’t hesitate to contact us! You can either call us 215-543-6000 or E-mail us at