Get Back On the Road Today!

Your poor bike is beat and tired. It’s trying to tell you with missed shifts, squealing brakes, or wheels that wobble when they roll. You’ve been meaning to take care of it, but you simply don’t have the time or maybe you don’t know how.

That’s okay, we don’t judge. Bike repairs can be confusing and time consuming. Our highly trained mechanics are here to help you with whatever your needs are. From a flat tire repair to an accessory installation, to a basic tune-up for your commuter or a complete overhaul of your road bike, you’re in great hands and we’ll get you back to rolling on two wheels!

Just some of the many services our mechanics offer at Bell’s Bike Shop include:

  • Fixing flat tires and replacing inner tubes
  • Adjusting brakes
  • Replacing chains
  • Lubing chains and cables
  • Installing handlebars and grips
  • Applying bar tape
  • Adjusting seats and seat posts
  • Mounting new lights, parts & accessories
  • Installing/removing pedals
  • Installing bike computers
  • Tuning derailleurs
  • Swapping out cassettes & chainrings
  • Installing forks & headsets
  • Straightening and truing rims
  • Replacing broken spokes
  • Repacking/greasing bearings
  • Building & lacing wheels
  • Packing bikes for shipping
  • . . . and much more!

Get Your Ride Fine-Tuned and Ready to Roll

Whether you’re a commuter, an amateur taking cycling more seriously, or a seasoned pro with a few years of racing under you, at Bell’s Bike Shop we service bikes of all makes, models, sizes, and purposes. Whatever your needs, whether it’s basic repairs or component upgrades, we are here to help. Below you can find our basic tune up services with details on what we inspect and tune. If you have any questions, please, don’t hesitate to ask.

All services are done as needed and we will ALWAYS advise you if any parts need replacement or there are more serious issues.

Don’t know what you need or you’re unsure? Don’t worry! We can take care of it. Either bring your bicycle into the shop and let our expert mechanics give you a free consultation on what your bike needs or simply contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have. You can either call us 215-543-6000 or E-mail us at