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Events — Redbull Mini Drome NYC 2015

A rider races around the Redbull Mini Drome in NYC 2015

There aren’t many cycling events as elusive (and dangerous) as the Redbull Mini Drome, except for the Redbull Mini Drome NYC 2015 event. The concept of shrinking down a velodrome to fun size antics has been around since carnival attractions in the early 1900s, but Redbull took the concept, revived it, and made it competitive a few years back. They debuted the Mini Drome in New Zealand in 2010, creating a fast and challenging track that tested the skills of even the best fixed gear riders. They soon after partnered with renowned German velodrome builders Velotrack, creating an Olympic regulation to-scale mini track that would soon become the center of an infamous event that only showed it’s face once every year or so.

So what’s more dangerous and rare than the traditional Redbull Mini Drome? The Figure 8 Over/Under Mini Drome. Originally known to some as The Human Powered Roller Coaster that happened during the Cycling Messenger World Championship in Toronto in 1995, Redbull’s version of this insane track was built over the course of a few days in June in an abandoned dance hall in Queens, New York. On Friday June 19th, 2015 racers took the track to compete for the best. Thirty-two couriers, cycling pros, and nutjobs made up sixteen teams of two to compete against the clock for top bragging rights and cash prizes. The only rules? Fixed gear, no brakes, helmets on, and speed. Later on, individual racers competed head-to-head for the best time. We were there to catch the action, so check out the final results and a photo gallery below.

Redbull Mini Drome NYC 2015 Results

Team Finals Individual Finals
1. Deluxe Cycles (Bed-Stuy) 1. Addison Zawada (FL)
2. Chari & Co. (NYC) 2. Ryan Locasicio (Bronx)
3. Dah Shop (LES) 3. Matt Reyes (SF)

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