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Events — Philadelphia Bike to Work Day 2015

Philadelphia Bike to Work Day 2015

The Benefits of Biking to Work –

Did you know that it’s National Bike Month right now? Every year during the month of May organizations and cyclists in cities around the country set up events that raise awareness, promote safety, and highlight all the great things about pedaling on wheels near and far. One of the best events of the entire month is Bike to Work Day. Started over 50 years ago by The League of American Bicyclists, it’s a great way to celebrate all of the benefits that come with riding your bicycle to work.

Here at the shop most of our staff commutes daily on two wheels. Big city streets can be intimidating and safety is always key, but the benefits of cycling in to work (and school) typically outweigh the common risks. First, there’s the undeniable health benefits of cycling when compared to other modes of transportation. A 2010 study in the Netherlands found that “on average, the estimated health benefits of cycling were substantially larger than the risks relative to car driving . . .”, with cyclists gaining an estimated 9 times the longevity of life when compared to driving.

Next, we don’t know anyone that enjoys being stuck in traffic jams, especially in Philly. A group at Harvard University recently found that cyclists are 40% less likely to be stressed out when they get to work and after they get home. Of course, a close call with a car or a jaywalking pedestrian might change that a bit, but being an alert and aware cyclist that follows the rules of the road greatly decreases those risks.

Better health, less stress, and what about the cost? Biking all around is cheaper than automobiles in comparison. A few years ago James D. Schwartz, editor over at The Urban Country did some math and found that while motorists are working approximately 2 hours a day just just to pay for their cars, a commuter cyclist only needs to work less than four minutes. With the price tag, high cost of maintenance, and rising costs of gas, it only makes sense that commuting by bike would cost considerably less than by car.

Philadelphia Bike to Work Day 2015

So, now that we’ve prepped you with just a fraction of the benefits of cycling to work, are you ready to go? The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia has you covered this year. This Friday, May 15th, 2015 is Bike to Work Day in Philadelphia. Here’s everything you need to know:

  • From 8AM – 10AM the Coalition has put together 4 different “energizing stations” between West Philly and Center City that will be offering “coffee, snacks, and a high five”. The stations will be located at:
    • 13th and Spruce St.
    • Penn Museum (3051 South Street)
    • Love Park
    • Clark Park
  • The Clark Park location will serve as a jump off point for a nice, leisurely ride all the way to the Love Park location, where a 9:30AM Press Conference will take place to start the celebration.
  • From 3PM to 5PM there will be community events taking place at Chew Playground (18th and Washington) and
    44th and Walnut.
  • Lastly, enjoy a happy hour hosted by local beer masters Yards Brewing Co.. There will be half-price pints for registered riders, an awards ceremony that you can vote on here, and an all around good time with the cycling community.

Registering isn’t required, but you’ll totally be able to pick up some free stuff from sponsors like Capital One, Indego Bike Share, AAA Mid Atlantic, Peet’s Coffee and Kind Bars. Oh, and we did mention half-price beers at the Yards Brewing Co. Bike to Work Day happy hour right? So go ahead and start reaping the rewards of cycling to work by registering for Bike to Work Day 2015 and joining us out in the streets on Friday. See ya there!

Bike to Work 2015 Register

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